If you want to bring your students to a performance in Paris, at Théâtre Trévise or Théâtre de Nesle, please go to our Theatre Dates page.

If you’re interested in bringing the company to your school to perform one of our shows, please fill in this form and we’ll be delighted to contact you.

(cliquez en haut de la page à droite pour accéder au formulaire en français)

Most of our shows last between 45 mins and 1h10, and we always leave time to have a discussion with your students afterwards. We generally need 90 minutes to set up, and 30 minutes to pack up. It’s possible to perform twice in the day, or possibly three times with the shorter shows.

If your school doesn’t have a suitable performance space, maybe you can contact your local theatre or cultural/community centre, and organise for us to perform there.