We offer a variety of shows for different levels of students. Whatever the level, each show is conceived with the audience in mind, the language is age appropriate, and often involves participation! We devise and adapt plays that will captivate your students, based on stories and characters from English-speaking culture.

We perform in theatres in Paris or we can come and perform in your school, or at your local theatre/cultural centre. Click on the show you’re interested in, and follow the steps for booking.

Each show comes with a downloadable teaching guide to help prepare the students for the show.

Bella, Stella and the Beast


Once upon a time, long, long ago, there lived a rich business man who had two daughters, Bella and Stella. Bella is smart, brave, fearless and has a thirst for knowledge. Stella is jealous, vain, self-centred and cares only for parties and expensive things. When the father...

Because I’m a…Londoner (solo)


A young woman called Pearl runs a market stall in Covent Garden, selling London souvenirs. She enjoys good banter with regular clients and tourists alike. Pearl shows us why, despite the early mornings and the rain, she is there everyday. She takes us back in time to...

The Wicked Witch of the Waste


The beautiful and colourful Land of Oz is in danger! The Wicked Witch of the Waste is a personified pollutant. She is destroying Oz and it’s slowly turning black and grey. Even the famous yellow brick road is disappearing and Lionel the Cowardly Lion has lost his...

Dr Seuss & Co.


Who ever heard of a writer of children’s books that is scared of children and a doctor who is not? Meet Ted, a world famous children’s author with a severe case of writer’s block. Will he ever write another story again? Filled with original music, madcap rhymes and...

The Pied Piper (solo)


Countess Arabella dreams of ruling the world, guided by a destiny that is written in the stars. Grandma bakes pies that taste like being held in big, strong arms, while Fish Man grows tired of his pockets full of holes. When rats, Angela and Charles, and their...