Dr Seuss & Co.


Who ever heard of a writer of children’s books that is scared of children and a doctor who is not? Meet Ted, a world famous children’s author with a severe case of writer’s block. Will he ever write another story again? Filled with original music, madcap rhymes and...

Snow White’s Black Heart


In this traditional fairy tale with a modern twist, Snow White is the fairest girl in the land – but also a rebellious teen. Her fed-up, vile stepmother, the Queen, hires a rookie huntsman to take the princess into the woods and bring back her heart. Can...

Animal Crackers


Outside the gates of Madam M’s Private Zoo, Mister P, our hero, is in a panic. Madam M’s prized bird has escaped during the storm…and Madam M is coming! Mister P has to stop Madam M from discovering this terrible catastrophe. Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s Just So...

Jekyll & Hyde (solo)


Adapted from the novel by R L Stevenson, and retold by Dario Costa, it’s a gothic and ghostly tale, exploring how one person can be many.

Hansel & Gretel


Based on the Grimm tale, it’s the story of two courageous children who together outsmart their stepmother and overcome their fear of deep dark forests, to battle a witch, and find their way back home.



What if one of the greatest American writers, creator of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer, was still alive today? A fantasy about being the person we want to be, not the person we should be.



Inspired by several of Edgar Allan Poe’s own plots, Drama Ties invents a modern-day comic fantasy around the 200th anniversary of the gothic author’s birth.

The Tidbinbilla Bookshop Show (solo)


As a follow-up to his solo Voyage to Australia, Dario Costa invites you into his enchanting bookshop filled with known and less well-known Australian authors.

Verdict of Sorcery


A teenager’s obsession with virtual reality transports him across the ages to 17th century Salem, where he witnesses the Witch Trials, and learns universal lessons about the consequences of our words and actions.

Hood’s Got Talent


Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, Drama Ties revisits the story of the innocent girl, her grandmother and the wicked wolf, for the Talent Show Generation.

Story Hunters


Ten of Aesops’ fables acted out and put to music, by two burlesque characters, teaching us more about the contradictions and foibles of human behaviour than we could ever know.

Gulliver’s Travels


Drama Ties rediscovers the biting, visionary satire by Jonathan Swift and puts its unique modern twist on one of the greatest stories ever told, as Steve Gulliver searches out extreme adventures.



An original playlist with some of the Bard’s greatest hits, as a teenage girl finds out when her MP3 player only plays Shakespeare, putting her life on ‘shuffle’ and her whole world becomes a stage.

Rapunzel Rebels


Drama Ties offers a new pantomime version of this classic Grimm story, where the characters are not who we expect them to be, even if the happy ending is not far away.

The Quest for the Gorgon’s Head


An interactive, video-game journey back into Greek mythology, with the reworking of the story of Perseus and his dangerous quest, to bring back the head of Medusa, and save his mother.

Prince Academy


A modern-day reworking of Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper, which takes a satirical look at the cult of celebrity, of monarchy, and the search for identity, within a tv reality contest.

Robin Hood, eco-warrior


A retelling of the famous legendary adventures for the environmentally-challenged 21st Century, as Robin and his men in green try to save Sherwood forest.



For its first production, Drama Ties turns the Grimm story of the strange creature with the unpronounceable name, who can turn straw into gold, into a comic pantomime.