Bella, Stella and the Beast

Director: Alexandra Tomko

Written by Hanna Pyliotis

Music: Lucas Gillet


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Once upon a time, long, long ago, there lived a rich business man who had two daughters, Bella and Stella. Bella is smart, brave, fearless and has a thirst for knowledge. Stella is jealous, vain, self-centred and cares only for parties and expensive things.
When the father loses his way home one night, he happens across an enchanted palace guarded by a mysterious butler who generously offers him shelter. Upon leaving the palace, the father picks a rose from the garden.
“For my daughter Bella” he cries, when suddenly before him stands a terrifying Beast.
“You will pay for that rose with your life!!!” Roars the Beast.
Then the Beast reconsiders.
“ I tell you what…” he snarls,
“I tell you what…” he growls,
“I tell you what! You can keep your life, if one of your daughters agrees, to come, and take your place!” Snarling and howling and grumbling and growling?! ( He is a Beast after all?!)
And so begins an unlikely tale of friendship to true love, between Bella and the Beast, and the comical lengths Stella goes to, to undermine their happiness.
Drawing inspiration from Cupid and Psyche and the Scarlet Flower, this 3 actor, pantomime retelling of the fairytale classic Beauty and the Beast, features song and rhyme and stars Stella as the Pantomime Dame and the Beast as the Pantomime…Dude.