One of our actors will come and run a workshop in your school.

We can adapt to your budget, your time constraints, and your objectives. Please contact us for a personalized proposition. Our workshops lend themselves ideally to the EPI requirements as well as other structures.

We are happy to travel all over France and work with your class!

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Workshop Conditions
  • Maximum 28 students
  • A reasonably sized clean space (large classroom, canteen, auditorium, gym)
  • A teacher must be present at all times
  • Any discussion during the workshop sessions, between students and the actor as well as the teacher and the actor must be in English. The teacher may be asked to translate for the students occasionally.

Our different workshops are typically;

  • 3 hours – introduction to drama in English.
  • 6 hours (2 x 3 hours) – initiation plus a short presentation
  • 12 hours (6 x 2 hours) – theatre techniques and working on a play concluding with a performance.

A Workshop Session usually consists of a selection from the following categories but can vary depending on the Actor and any needs expressed by the Teacher:

  • Physical warm up and Theatre Games
  • Drama exercises based on the following themes:
    • Voice/Movement
    • Mime/Character
    • Rhythm/Chorus
  • Rehearsal and Organisation of a Show

You’re passionate about Shakespeare? So are we!

We propose performance workshops on a selection of Shakespeare Plays!

Whether it’s to help put on a mini-performance of scenes or to help students understand Shakespeare better we can devise a workshop for your needs!

  • SUITABLE: 4e-Lycée
  • THEATRE ACTIVITIES: Focusing on themes of selected plays and short texts adapted from the play for your students including warm-up games, character exercises, voice and chorus work, staging.
  • TEXT WORK: Focusing on Shakespeare’s language plus modern-day ‘translations’ making parallels with themes and issues today. Examples of plays:
    • A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    • Romeo and Juliet
    • The Tempest
    • Macbeth
    • Twelfth Night
    • Much Ado About Nothing
  • TIME: “Shakespeare in a Suitcase” a 3 hour workshop on specific scenes or a more in depth 18 hour workshop on a selection of Shakespeare plays.

For more detailed information please contact our administrator Anne Dorléans or have look at our Frequently Asked Questions.